UniPunch Products has for many years recommended the Multicyl air over oil system to our customers as a reliable method to activate our modular tooling units. Simple to use and maintain, the Multicyl system is capable of performing a wide variety of standard and custom part producing applications. The cylinder and cage designs provided by Multicyl are compatible with the working shut heights of our standard ‘A’ or ‘B’ series c-frame units. From single station punching to multiple turnkey punching systems, the combination of UniPunch and Multicyl will increase your productivity and lower your costs.

Below is a video of the punching and notching system.

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Additional benefits include:
  • Lower capital cost saves money up front
  • Dedicated stations free up more expensive capital equipment
  • Small batch production runs eliminate inventory and work in progress
  • Quick and easy production
  • Fast cycle times
  • Runs on compressed shop air
  • Low maintenance and easily obtainable replacement parts
  • Uses off the shelf products
  • Modular system which is easy to add to in the future
  • Compatible with other types of tooling in a work cell environment

Below are examples of how UniPunch and Multicyl are integrated to provide cost effective fabricating solutions.